Monday, May 02, 2011

bin Laden is dead

There's way too much hand-wringing on the left, grudge-holding and partisanship on the right, and cynicism and feigned apathy in the middle over last night's incredible news.

Sure, this doesn't mean the War on Terror is over or that Al Qaeda is dead. Yes, we know bin Laden's command over Al Qaeda has been weakened over the last several years. Yes, we know the soldiers and intelligence community are the ones who put this all together.

C'mon, guys. American soldiers just put two in the noggin of the mastermind of 9/11. It's something to celebrate. It's okay to call that justice, to allow it to pass for a little bit of closure for 9/11. It's okay to feel a little patriotic.

Some cool pictures from around the intarwebs:

(Photo: Michael Appleton for the NYT, taken in Times Square)

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TioChuy said...

Finally. I've had to defend being the slightest bit excited about this a few times on the innarwebs. I guess civilians can't understand the vindication of spending part of your life in the wrong country being shot at to get rid of this guy and having him take a dirt nap anyway. (Ocean nap?)