Friday, October 30, 2009

Joe Lieberman plans to run for re-election?

I find this incredibly hard to believe. Lieberman's numbers have been consistently negative in Connecticut since his last re-election; in fact, I remember polls only months after the election showing that Ned Lamont would win a rematch handily. I can easily see all of Joementum's backstabbing and sudden shifts in position being cynical plays in the service of some crazy re-election strategy, but for the life of me I can't figure out what that strategy would be. It truly escapes me how campaigning for Republicans and against Barack Obama and the public option could possibly benefit Lieberman electorally, unless he thinks he can still split the Democratic vote and win over the GOP like in '06. Even still, the path of least resistance is obviously Joe securing the Democratic nomination.

I suppose the more plausible explanation is that Lieberman's head has gotten so bloated from all the years in the Senate, the VP nod in 2000, the victory in '06, and all the media attention since, that he must think he's untouchable. The polls are meaningless, as the Democrats wouldn't dare try something in 2012 after what happened last time. Besides, by then he will have beaten down President Obama so completely that it will be a Republican wave year and he'd coast over any liberal opposition.

I sincerely hope his people are doing their best to convince him how crazy this is. Better yet, I hope they aren't.


Rene said...

I'd agree that it makes absolutely no logical sense for Joe the Lieberman to think he can win another election, and that he'd potentially try anyway.

That said, I think its a very good thing if he actually does plan to run again. The reason being his seniority and chairmanship of the HS committee would still mean something to him. If those things do matter to him, then they can potentially be wielded to force him into a cloture vote on a heathcare bill with a public option in it.

He was explicitly allowed to retain those privileges by the democratic leadership so that he would fall in line on cloture votes. If he does not, I think Reid will come under intense, intense pressure to strip No Joe of those privileges. I also think, given Reid's moves and recent rhetoric that he'd do it.

Rene said...

Given Joe's statements on the TV box this morning, I formally retract my optimism.

Are there recall mechanisms available in Connecticut?

el ranchero said...

There are not, as the recall of delegates to the United States Congress is apparently unconstitutional.