Thursday, August 06, 2009

as a corollary to the last post

Despite my deep pessimism of Obama's chances, we still have to stand up and be heard if we want to stand a chance in this fight. Write your representatives, especially if they're Democrats. Those of you in Michiana have a blue dog congressman who needs to hear that we don't want him following his spineless, unprincipled colleagues. The astroturfers will be descending on him on Saturday at 11:30 in Plymouth. It's not far from South Bend, so perhaps a carpool can be arranged?


Rene said...

Go get him bro! My reps are all pretty much non-swing voters.

Anonymous said...

I saw that he was going to be in Plymouth and wondered if teabaggers would even bother since he's a blue dog. Will have to think about going--weekends are my only real chances to work and the first day of classes approacheth.

Anonymous said...

Martin's on Ironwood at 1:30 is an option according to my email. I still can't commit, but there you go.