Friday, March 06, 2009

well-heeled children of the rich and religious

Kids, always remember that your messes don't just disappear when you leave the room. Somebody has to clean up after you, and the damage you do isn't always easily fixed. So if, for instance, you finish your midterms and want to shotgun a Natty Ice in celebration, perhaps the library, right in front of old, irreplaceable Byzantine volumes, isn't the best place.

Don't be an asshole needlessly.


sap said...

Oh no! I hope the mess wasn't too bad.

Maybe during midterm/finals week you need to get Linda to get her majors/minors to patrol the 7th floor with all those fake weapons she has in her office? They could try to look intimidating... ish.

TioChuy said...

I never would have thought about getting drunk in the library but I noticed some points in the police blotter here about the same. I'm pretty sure there was a pile of vomit in the stacks the other day. Who knew, maybe some people like to be stewed in silence.

Barmecide said...