Tuesday, December 23, 2008

they've got big bowls

Dan Wetzel, champion of the NCAA tournament system for college football, on the current bowl system, why we have it and what it looks like on the inside. It's a great article, very informative, even if it stifles debate by accusing anyone who disagrees of being on the take. I'm all for scrapping the system, and even I can admit that the "tradition" of the big bowl games is a perfectly valid argument on its own merits-- in fact, the big bowls and the big rivalries are the only instances where most NCAAF fans see anything relating to "tradition." Hell, I work on most of the most "storied" campuses in college football, and "tradition" here generally is just a euphemism for bizarre superstition and rank hedonism. Oh, and let's not forget ritual mockery of minority ethnicities!

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TioChuy said...

I thought about making this a post but to spare the non-tech fans I'll be brief. We need a new coach, but, we can't have one. Mike skates on his rollerblades the line between ballsy and stupid. In cases like today he trips to the wrong side. I guess I should be happy about the best season in Tech history, at least in my lifetime, but it could have been better. The problem is that Tech can't get a better coach for the money. So we will just have to be happy with spectacular displays of offense for now.