Sunday, September 10, 2006

FOOTBALL!! or, Penn Splat

Well, it looks like people are going to be singing a different tune about Brady Quinn this week, as Notre Dame beat the everlovin' dogshit out of Penn State 41-17. The game was actually a lot more one-sided than the score would indicate, as Penn St. scored 2 touchdowns after both teams benched their starters and brought out the B team. So yes, when Brady left the field today, it was 41-3. Our D is for real this year.

The big game of the day, of course, was #1 Ohio St. vs. #2 Texas, which the Buckeyes won handily. I was routing for the 'Horns, but this wasn't exactly a surprise. On the other hand, I was actually impressed with the young Texas QB with the ridiculously stereotypical name (Colt McCoy? come on, you know he made that up). He hasn't figured out how to inspire confidence in his teammates yet, but that will come as he earns their trust, and in the meantime he showed he has the accuracy, power, and poise under pressure to lead a bigtime time. He's gonna be great in a couple of years, no question about it.

In other news, at this point Tech is in overtime against freakin' UTEP. WTF? Leave it to Tech to screw the pooch in one of their early season snoozers.

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