Friday, May 12, 2006

the Office

I know, I know, LOST is the greatest show on television. But who'da thunk the jaw-dropping surprise moment of the week would come from Jim and Pam from the Office? Here's a great rundown from Salon, and a great synopsis of the Office's evolution from someone who thinks wayyy too much about TV:
It's not that the writing improved between the two seasons -- it has always been strong -- or that Carell ramped up his shtick, but through the fall and into the spring, the show cast off the last vestiges of the BBC show it was originally based on and found its wings.

I've been lovin' the show since the first season because the humor is so excruciating and voyeuristic and refreshingly human, not at all like the cookie-cutter crustiness of King of Queens and all that other shite. Yet I didn't realize until the season finale yesterday just how much I've gotten into the characters.

The writing on this show is really good.

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