Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Jon Stewart and the Oscars

Saw the Oscars Sunday night. Enjoyed them for the most part, and I liked that there wasn't just one movie that swept the whole show like 2 years ago. Kinda thought Brokeback should've gotten more, though.

So what's up with the punditocracy pooping all over Stewart's performance? Everything I read mentions him as being "tame," "boring," and "falling flat." What the hell are you talking about? Stewart was the biggest iconoclast the Academy Awards has had up there up there in years. Didn't any of these wankers see his response to that sanctimonious montage of films tackling controversial subjects when he looked at the camera, donned that signature smirk, and said,
"And the best part was, none of those issues was ever a problem again."

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grimsaburger said...

I have a feeling they think he fell flat because his delivery is quietly ironic; he doesn't come out and pull a Rip Taylor confetti-palooza. Maybe they just don't get it when no one's telling them when to laugh.