Monday, February 07, 2011

Super Bowl notes

Great game. Lots of great Super Bowls lately, in fact. It's nice to see the old Midwestern guard of the NFL in the big game, a couple of the teams we've seen so many pictures of from the '40's and '50's, grinding out rugby-style football in the snow.

Adding to some of the conversations around the TV:

*One sports writer apparently tweeted that the first fumble of Super Bowl XLV came from Christina Aguilera. Heh.

*Before coming to Green Bay in 2006, Charles Woodson played for the Raiders. He was even part of the team that played Tampa Bay in the Super Bowl.

*Woodson's injury was more than a dislocated shoulder. He broke his collarbone.

*We weren't the only ones noticing the uncanny resemblance.

*Aaron Rodgers' stats: 24 of 39, 304 yards, 3 TD, 0 Int, and that's considering 4 of those incomplete passes were beautiful throws dropped by receivers. How stupid good are those stats? Stupid enough, apparently, to give him the highest playoff passer rating in NFL history. The previous record holder? Former Green Bay QB Bart Starr.

People are talking about "the torch has been passed" now that Rodgers has his ring. Rather than Rodgers getting a monkey off his back, I think this was bigger for the legacy of Brett Favre. Now Packer Nation can safely say It Was All For The Best and maybe start the process of forgiving Favre for going over to the Dark Side.

*The Chrysler commercial: we heard it again this morning as NPR was discussing it. I've decided now that I didn't like it. I think it was effective in the sense that people are talking about it and still remember what it was advertising. I admit that. I also liked a lot about what they were selling. I liked the hard-scrabble city fighting to pull itself up thing. I liked the contrasts of gritty/refined, Eminem driving a luxury car and ice dancers in parks with smokestacks in the background.

Still, at the end of the day the commercial made the same mistake as previous Detroit ad campaigns: the message was "buy our cars because it's your patriotic duty" rather than "buy our cars because they're awesome."

*The meme. The picture:

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