Friday, January 28, 2011

A friend of mine sent me a link to this "news" segment today, needing a moment to rant. One sympathizes.

In general I'm done worrying about Sarah Palin unless and until she becomes a serious contender for anything important. I feel sometimes like she could come down with a serious case of dementia tomorrow and nothing would change. She could say in an interview, for instance, that Barack Obama's arms treaty with the Galactic Empire robs us of the right to shield ourselves from the Eye of Mordor. The people who still support her right now would find the headspace to fit the new Palinism into their worldview, the rest of us would think she's a blithering idiot, and the press corps would ask the president to respond to her "remarks." There is just nothing Sarah Palin can say that will make her supporters question her competence, and the rest of us have similarly made up our minds about her.

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